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I’m a firm believer in the power of sports and an active, outdoor lifestyle

From humble beginnings executing events to creating and commercializing products for the world's most coveted brands, my passion for sports drove a long-tenured career that would take me from the UK to continental Europe, Asia, and North America, and land me in Oregon where I now call home.

As an accomplished product marketer with a honed eye for commercial imagery, when I turned my attention to professional photography, sports and active lifestyle was a natural fit. Which brings me to today...

Skilled at capturing fast action, architecture, people, products, and nature, ​I work with businesses and brands across the sports and outdoor, health and wellness, hospitality and leisure, and design and construction industries, to create impactful imagery that gets noticed, tells stories, and inspires an audience.

I'm available today for hire, offering:

  • Sports and active lifestyle brand photography

  • Architecture and environments

  • People, headshots, and events

  • Landscapes and nature

  • Products and e-commerce

  • FAA-licensed sUAS/drone/aerial

Contact me directly with enquiries.

- Philip J Hatton


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