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A hidden gem: Renegade Motorsports

If you’re anything like me, then you love discovering local businesses with exciting products, and this one was right on my doorstep. Yet, it was when Hiep (owner) invited me to take photos at his business that I learned of this treasure-trove of locally-designed aftermarket car parts.

Being somewhat of a wannabe sports car owner (who isn’t, right?), my eyes lit up when the doors opened and a plethora of Honda S2000s, a revered Honda NSX, and a full-on Porsche 911 997, in various states of assembly, lay in front of me.

“These are our parts. I’m rebuilding this car. I taught myself CAD and designed these.” – I listened in awe as Hiep recalled how he’d built his business from scratch – “Oh, and I’m also launching an apparel business… and have a few other ideas, too.”

How have I not heard of Renegade Motorsports? A rudimentary google search reveals their website and Instagram page. Low-and-behold, they have a dedicated fanbase in the world of boutique aftermarket parts for Honda S2000s. And all this from a small, family team. Fascinating! Keep up the great work, guys. 👏

Check them out at:

Also, check out their sister company:

Lastly, here’s the full image album from my photoshoot:

— Philip

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